CAR Passers: March 2024 results CSE-PPT Professional

In the Philippines, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced the results of the Career Service Examination, also called the Civil Service Exam, held on March 3, 2024. This announcement was made on Thursday, May 9, 2024, which is 67 days after the exam.

A huge number of people took part in the exam! There were 297,955 individuals who took the Professional level exam, and 37,401 people tried their luck with the Subprofessional test. The exams were held in 95 different testing centers all over the country.

March 2024 Career Service Exam results for CAR are out! Check out the list of successful passers for the Paper and Pencil Test, Professional and Subprofessional Exams.

**So, be sure to double-check the correct region and the correct test you took (professional or subprofessional) when trying to find your name from the lists below.

March 3, 2024 CSE-PPT
Professional Level: List of Passers
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