Civil Service Exam Schedule, Qualifications, and Requirements (All You Need to Know)

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Interested in taking the Civil Service Exams? First, you have to check whether you are eligible or even exempted from taking the test so you would not waste your time gathering the requirements and paying for the exam fees.

The Civil Service Examination (CSE) is taken by professionals or sub-professionals to be able to hold a position in the government regardless of one’s educational attainment.

This eligibility will be your key to get in but of course, those who have higher credentials are the ones who are more likely going to land a higher position.

Nevertheless, if you get this eligibility, you already have a good chance of getting hired for a permanent position in any government agency.

Schedule of  Filing of  Application:

If you have to take the Civil Service Exams, then you’d better watch out for the dates of these examinations as these are not available all year round.

You have to follow the schedule or else have to wait for several months before the schedule opens up again.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) conducts examinations two times a year for the Paper and Pencil test (CSC-PPT).

The tests are often conducted around March and August; though this schedule is subject to change – and you have to constantly check their announcements for the actual exam schedules.

Thankfully, the CSC accepts applications even months before the actual date of the tests; this will give you time to prepare.


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