Who Can Take? Who are Exempted? Civil Service Exams

Meanwhile, you need to be at least a college graduate of a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree before you can take the Professional Civil Service Exam. Passing this test makes you eligible for up to second-level scientific, technical, and professional positions up to Division Chief level.


Aside from those degree qualifications, only the following people can take the Civil Service Exams:

  • Filipino citizen
  • At least 18 years old on date of application
  • With good moral character; no pending case or conviction
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged or dismissed from civilian position or military service
  • Has not taken any type of Civil Service Exam within the last 3 months before the exam date

Take note that Filipinos with dual citizen can still apply for the exam; but they have to submit a copy of the Certification of Retention/Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship from the Bureau of Immigration.


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