What’s the Dress Code in Taking the Civil Service Exam?

There is a lot of confusion about the dress code in taking the civil service exams because there are sites claiming that exam takers should wear a white top to be allowed inside the testing center.

Netizen Rosa Mae Rael was curious about this instruction; thus, she messaged the Facebook page of the Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC) just to make sure that she won’t be turned away on the exam day because of her clothes.

The page quickly responded, telling Rosa Mae that there is no specific color of clothes required for exam takers to use during the exam day.

However, a dress code is still imposed in that sleeveless shirts and blouses are not allowed.

Exam takers are also not allowed to wear shorts or short pants. They will also not be allowed inside the exam room if they are wearing slippers.

Photo credit: Civil Service Exam 2019 Community / Facebook

Some netizens are curious whether strappy sandals are also prohibited from the exam room, but since the CSC page’s response only specified slippers as the footwear prohibited, sandals are most likely allowed as long as they don’t resemble slippers.

While it is possible, of course, that the examiners or proctors will still allow you to take the test even if you are not wearing the proper clothes according to the dress code, don’t push it!

What if they won’t?

You would have wasted a lot of time processing your application and going to the testing center, only for you to be turned away because you are not wearing the proper clothes as instructed!

So, make sure to wear proper attire on exam day.

Any color will do.

Remember, SLEEVELESS SHIRTS AND BLOUSES, SHORTS AND SHORT PANTS, and SLIPPERS are NOT ALLOWED. Just follow instructions so you won’t have any trouble on the exam day.


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