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The civil service exam is the type of examination that must be passed by those who wish to find a job in the government or in civil service, as the exam’s name suggests.

Governments around the world implement various examinations, but all aim to use this method to use the exam as a merit system to gauge the applicants’ capacity for working in the public sector.

In the Philippines, the civil service exams are created and administered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The commission also keeps the records of all exam passers for future reference.

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Professional and Subprofessional Level

In the Philippines, the CSC administers two types of basic civil service exams: one for professionals (pro) and another for sub-professionals (sub-pro).

Passers of the sub-pro exam may only be accepted for first-level or clerical government positions. Meanwhile, passers of the pro exam can be accepted in both the first-level or clerical government positions as well as in technical, executive, or managerial (second-level) government positions.

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Civil Service Examination Coverage

The civil service exams in the Philippines have similar coverage to most college entrance exams.

With questions in English and Filipino, the civil service exam covers a wide range of subjects from basic grammar questions in English to math problems as well as basic knowledge about government functions and the responsibilities of those in civil service.

Civil Service Exam Requirements

The CSC schedules exams each year. You must submit the following requirements before the deadline so you can take the next scheduled exam:

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Basic Guide to Pass Civil Service Exam

No one can exactly predict what will come out in the next civil service exam; thus, it pays to brush up and review basic English spelling and grammar rules, basic Math computations and rules, and analogy.

It is also a good idea to read up on the latest issues and news items relevant to government service that might make it to the exam questions, including peace and human rights concepts, environmental management and protection, and code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees.

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